CT Scan in Vijiayawada

Why go anywhere else for your CT scan when you have us with Advanced and Exclusive Technology.


Specialized CT Scans: Pramodini Diagnostics was the first to introduce advanced non-invasive Cardiac CT Scan Package in Andhra Pradesh, in a private diagnostics setup.

CT ­ Computer Tomography:

World’s most advanced Hi-speed low dose 128 slice ingenuity
Philips CT scan with elite and I dose technology.

Our CT machine simplifies diagnosis of diseases of the heart, brain, lungs, joints and extremities. Images are acquired of outstanding quality and details despite of irregular heartbeats captured at a less radiation dose as compared to contemporary CT systems, thus making the whole procedure less complicated.
Even small coronary vessel blocks are detected very firmly. Nodules in the lungs, potential tumours in abdomen, pelvis and brain are detected accurately within a short time.

This new CT scan can now detect even small coronary artery blocks, nodules in your lungs and potential tumours in abdomen, brain and pelvis within very short time, non-invasive and accurately.

Why should you choose us for your CT scan?

Advanced and Exclusive Technology

Our facility has one of the highest quality CT Scanners available. The scanners have advanced technology, providing extremely high resolution quality images at the same time utilises the lowest radiation dose possible with minimal to null scattered radiation.

Our expertise

You should choose a centre for your tests that has the highest quality of technology and people with experience. Over the years, we have the credit of performing thousands of diagnostics imaging.
Professional and Friendly Staff
We have only one goal – Excellent patient care and satisfaction. Our staff are well trained, professional and also friendly and strives to provide and help each patient with highly personalised service and attention.

Specialized CT Scans @ Pramodini

  • Advance brain perfusion.
  • Advance vessel analysis (AVA).
  • Advance Surgery planning.
  • Magic glass angiographic technique.
  • Plaque analysis and characterization.
  • Relative myocardial perfusion.
  • Advanced cardiac functional analysis.
  • Low dose cardiothoracic vascular imaging in pediatrics Cardiac CTA for pediatric cardiovascular imaging.
  • Bio-Cardial defect assessment.
  • Heart beat gated Calcium scoring scan.
  • Lung nodule volume assessment.
  • Virtual Broncho Scopy.
  • Angiography.
  • Advanced liver imaging with liver segmentation.
  • Virtual Colonoscopy.
  • Functional CT BMD.
  • Dental CT with 3D and panoramic views.
  • Excellent Peripheral Angio and Venography.
  • Multi organ vascular studies in single exposure and least contrast
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