Specialised CT Scans


Pramodini Diagnostics for the first time in the State of Andhra Pradesh, introduced advanced non-invasive Cardiac CT Scan Package in private diagnostics setup.

  • Advance brain perfusion.
  • Advance vessel analysis (AVA).
  • Advance strength planning.
  • Magic glass angiographic technique.
  • Plaque characterization.
  • Relative myocardial perfusion.
  • Advanced cardiac function analysis.
  • Low dose Cardiac CTA for pediatric cardiovascular imaging.
  • Bio-Cardial defect assessment.
  • Heart beat Calcium scoring scan.
  • Lung nodule volume assessment.
  • Virtual Broncho Scopy.
  • Lung angiography.
  • Advanced liver imaging with liver segmentation.
  • Virtual Colonoscopy.
  • Advance Vessel Analysis.
  • Functional CT BMD.
  • Dental CT with 3D and panoramic views.
  • Excellent Peripheral Angio and Venography.