Ultrasound & Colour Doppler

Philips Affiniti 70


PD boasts of a very high resolution computerized sonographic systems like GE Voluson E8-Radiance and Philips Affinity 70. Apart from routine imagining, these machines add new dimension in volume ultrasound with exceptional anatomical realism and increase depth perception.

Special Studies:

  • Breast, Liver and Musculoskeletal Elastography.
  • Pure Wave technology enabled probes.
  • Adult and Pediatric Echo cardiography.
  • Dedicated probes for peripheral vascular studies (Color Doppler).
  • Dedicated high frequency and high resolution probes for small parts (Thyroid, Brest, Scrotum etc.).
  • Dedicated 3D volume probe for musculoskeletal sonography.
  • All routine studies of abdomen, Pelvis, Antenatal, Soft Parts & MSK
  • Endocavitary Scan TVS & TRUS
  • High Resolution Ultrasound
  • HD-Flow Bi-directional Power Doppler
  • HD Zoom