3D / 4D Fetal medicine


Ultrasound and Color Doppler studies

PD boasts of a very high resolution computerized sonographic systems like GE Voluson E8-Radiance and Philips Affinity 70. Apart from routine imagining, these machines add new dimension in volume ultrasound with exceptional anatomical realism and increase depth perception.

Special Studies:

  • HD Live Sono-Fetoscopy.
  • Early trimester TIFFA (12 to 15 weeks).
  • Advance fetal cardiac assessment with high density live 4D.
  • High resolution 4D Endovaginal probe (TVS).
  • 3D, 4D live TIFFA scan.
  • Volume Computer assisted diagnosis of Fetal Heart
  • Automated Follicular assessment
  • Liver & Breast Elastography

What is 3D ultrasound?

  • An ultrasound scan that allows a vision of the fetus in three dimensions.

What is 4D ultrasound?

  • A real-time 3D ultrasound and therefore with movement.
  • Images and videos obtained by 3D and 4D ultrasound can be recorded for later viewing.

What is the added value of 3D / 4D ultrasound?

  • It allows to obtain images of high quality and realism that are usually easier to interpret for parents.
  • It has a primarily aesthetic value.

In which cases it is indicated?

  • From a medical point of view it is used to improve the study of certain fetal problems.
  • In addition, it can be done in a normal pregnancy on parents’ request.

When is it best performed during pregnancy?

  • It can be made at any time after 12 weeks of gestation.
  • If you only want to do a session, the ideal time is around 28-30 weeks of pregnancy