Health checkups: Solving health complexities and measuring your fitness level

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Health is Wealth, a significant phrase that is heard and read so many times but the meaning has lost its value in this modern world, where everyone is busy with tight work schedules, leaving no time for taking care of one’s health. And nature has created the body in such a way that it provides a quick feedback if there is a major change happening. If there is something amiss it shows in the form of symptoms or alteration while investigating.

You cannot just eat healthy and exercise whenever you want and expect lifelong results. Maintaining health arises from regular dietary habits, exercise, rest, occupation, exposure to high-risk factors etc. To measure the above influential parameters, a vital role is played by health checkups. Health checkups that include both pathological and radiological investigations are quite useful if there are used judiciously.

The importance of health checkups is quite underestimated by people. With the help of properly planned and timely medical checkups, a lot of diseases are reversible and also preventable. Hence it is necessary that one schedule yearly or monthly preventive checkups from time to time. Diagnosing periodically will naturally help detect abnormalities and also help in detecting diseases that are necessary for effective treatment. Health checkups are also important as they are a preventive measure that helps one to take full control over the fitness and well being.

Benefits of Medical Checkups

Early detection of incurable disease; When you go for regular medical checkups it helps in identifying the body signals before an incurable disease turns in to unmanageable disease.

Variety of diseases can be identified easily: Today, we are living in an extremely fast-moving world that involves hectic work schedules and lifestyles. This can often lead to a variety of diseases often brought out by the stress involved. Anxiety and stress are directly related to a number of diseases that are both physical and psychological. These include high blood pressure, hypertension, mental disorders, and even gastrointestinal problems. With regular checkups, it is easier to diagnose and detect the problems before they turn too severe.

Lowers hospitalization costs: It is quite daunting when you have to pay a huge hospital bill. And one way to cut it down is to go for a regular healthcare screening. The regular check-ups help you mitigate the risk of potential health ailments that turn into dangerous. It can also help to reduce the risk of undergoing surgery and other serious medical expenditure.

Promotes good health:You can lead a healthy lifestyle if you go for regular health checkups. This becomes equally important if you have an already existing medical condition that needs maintenance and also careful attention to your health. Pre-exercise screening is also helpful for finding out if you have any medical condition that may put you at a higher risk of experiencing a health problem during an exercise program. It also puts you under a “safety net” as it helps in deciding the benefits of exercise outweighing the risks associated with it.

Commonly advised investigations are

  • CBC- Complete Blood Count
  • LFT – Liver Function Test
  • RFT – Renal Function Test
  • ESR – Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
  • Blood sugar fasting and post lunch, HBA1C
  • Lipid profile
  • Mammography
  • Thyroid Profile
  • The bottom line is that health checkups are good as a preventive measure against health complexities and helps you measure your health and fitness level so that you can lead a healthier and happier life. Visiting a renowned diagnostic centre, like Pramodini Diagnostics can help you alert any possible health risks which can prompt you to seek the desired action to address it. Pramodini Diagnostics provides the best in diagnostic testing as it combines the sophisticated power of technology with the expertise of highly skilled technologists and physicians. The diagnostic centre offers various healthcare packages for you and your family. To know more about the Health Packages click here.